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  • Astanga Luv

    A beautiful short-form of the astanga practice. Enjoy breath-by-breath movement and getting your mind and body into a good space!


  • What a relief!

    Ooooh just moving and breathing into those DEEEEEEEP hamstring movements makes the body feel so relieved and thankful you are taking care of those legs!

  • Multiple dimensions

    Practice cannot be defined through postures alone, but this sequence will define your day into a great one!

  • Straight from the hip

    LOL - Indra comes to Cheer Calvin on while his hips open in some of our favorite postures of Liquid Fire Yoga.

  • Center with T

    Join T as she breaks down one of the most invigorating and balancing postures of yoga practice. This fun session covers different aspects of yoga and connects the ancient texts to postures. Make yourself a cup of tea and settle in for a bit. A lovely unwinding practice follows the chat.