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  • Light your fire

    Some days it's hard to wake up. Use this practice to refresh your mind and body to be ready for a good day or good night's rest. :) Nothing like the power of yoga to prepare you for what you need!


  • Overcome the obstacles

    When practicing yoga, we discover that even a simple life has obstacles. Obstacles exist so that we can overcome them and become stronger. We persevere, breathe, and enjoy the process rather than using the fight or flee response. This flow sequence will get your body and mind right for obstacle r...

  • I need space

    This beautiful flowing sequence will give you the physical and mental space needed for an uplifting and peaceful day.

  • Hippy practice

    Not to be confused with the tree hugging hippy (though we do that while undercover) LOL. This sequence will get your legs and hips open and flexy bendy and will make you feel so happy you will want to hug a tree! :)

  • Go with the flow

    Start with something familiar, and then a sudden shift happens, and the practice begins to open the hips in a gradual and resounding way. Feel the stream of practice circulate through the entire body.

  • Bending the calm

    Openness comes from calmness. When the body is strong can we open it and when the mind is calm we can bend it.

  • The dog whispers yoga

    A funny, lighthearted heartwarming winter yoga session. Indra is constantly looking for warmth while we build it through yoga practice. It’s a cold winter day’s practice of total Astanga love. Set up a space heater and get out your fave thermal and settle into a heat generating session with your ...

  • LFY - LIVE! Strength Builder

    This practice allows you to build a strong foundation for the body to limber up. Join Theresa, Calvin and Indra on the journey of strength and calmness.

  • Astanga short sequence

    The beloved CPY practice. Our unique take on astanga has allowed thousands of students across the nation discover that the astanga practice is accessible for everyone.

  • Breathe in the Love

    breathe in and breathe out. Wring out tension and replace it with something good, the feeling of floating and freedom.

  • Liquid Fire Yoga Live - Breathe deep

    An all around good practice to breathe with.

  • Liquid Fire Yoga - Open your hips

    Enjoy opening your hips and breathing slow to this awesome practice.

  • Liquid Fire Yoga - Summer of Love

    What a great way to celebrate a studio that has served love and good yoga for 2 decades. Join us for a delightful practice that is the signature of pure CPY love!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga LIVE! Warm Vibes

    A flowing and rhythmic practice you expect of your serious but lighthearted yoga teachers. Enjoy this fun loving uncut practice!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga LIVE! Yoga Love

    Liquid Fire Yoga ® live classes are uncut videos of the practices that actually happened in real-time. As always - serious teachers with a lighthearted approach!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga Live - Spring Edition

    Breathe and enjoy the moments of practice with T&C!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga - Live! Featuring Indra

    A fun and lighthearted yoga experience with your fave teacher T&C!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga - Live! Ashtanga with Indra

    Yoga at home always has something new to experience. Indra decided to take her dog nap during this class!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga LIVE! The Birthday Sequence

    This hip-opening practice will brighten your mind and body! It was filmed live. This is the unedited, uncut version of our yoga practice. So you have dogs barking and lots of laughter and all the wonderful imperfect things that make the present moment absolutely delish!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga - Live! - Astanga Birthday Sequence

    This is a beautiful short-form Astanga Yoga Practice. Sometimes postures have strange names. Calvin reveals which posture he thinks should be called "egg" pose. :)

  • Liquid Fire Yoga - Live! The Morning class

    An uncut, unedited LIVE yoga session. It feels like you in the studio with us! Enjoy!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga Live - A rainy day practice

    The nature of yoga meets in a rhythm of steady breathing, peace and little raindrops from Indra. (her name means droplets of rain and when it rains we say - it's raining Indras!)

  • Liquid Fire Yoga Live! Astanga Morning Flow

    A good yoga sequence that will get your body and mind ready for the day or for the night Livestreams are uncut and un-edited video productions.

  • Liquid Fire Yoga - Live! March 29

    Experience the on-demand the recorded LIVEstream of our yoga practice. Indra included! Enjoy!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga Live! - A morning session with T

    A wonderful morning session (can also be practiced at night) with Calvin moving blissfully into the realm of Liquid Fire Yoga. Melt tensions away and start (or end) your day feeling good and bright!