Liquid Fire Yoga - The Practice

Liquid Fire Yoga - The Practice

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Liquid Fire Yoga - The Practice
  • Livin' On Teri Time

    We love a good session filled with many different ways to look at postures. Postures are organic and ever changing and this practice allows you to flow with those changes with ease! Teri, the student, is like the sunshine walking in and she inspired this amazing practice to share with you!


  • Jen's Jam

    Jen's Jam is a delightful (much like the person this is based on the :) experience of practice sharing many different uses of straps, blocks, and modifications that are great for everyone to practice and try. Explore and breathe and love these little moments of yoga. This yoga practice is a serie...

  • Electrify your day

    An energizing practice with balances, twists, and hip-opening bending shape shifting postures.

  • The good seat

    This practice with T has a longer seated sequence filled with side stretches, hamstring lengtheners and hip-openers.

  • Body Rock

    The phrase practice makes perfect is usually directed when learning something that refers to a moving up and down on a ladder of progress. Yoga practice is a lateral shift rather than a vertical shift. Instead of moving up we move forward, instead of moving down we move in reverse. In lateral s...

  • Open & Flow

    Filmed in Noir color contrast, this visual delight of practice has Indra and Calvin breathing, moving, and opening up those tight areas preventing flow in your body and life. Our practice always has this rhythm where flow happens. You don’t have to think about it or force it. Like a flower that b...

  • Sages sequence

    Students are our inspiration to teach, create and explore, In this posture sequence we cover hip openings, inversions and balance postures. Sage (who this video is named after) has been with CPY since 2010, and we are so honored to have created this special practice for her! Now you get to en...

  • Overcome the obstacles

    When practicing yoga, we discover that even a simple life has obstacles. Obstacles exist so that we can overcome them and become stronger. We persevere, breathe, and enjoy the process rather than using the fight or flee response. This flow sequence will get your body and mind right for obstacle r...

  • I need space

    This beautiful flowing sequence will give you the physical and mental space needed for an uplifting and peaceful day.

  • Hippy practice

    Not to be confused with the tree hugging hippy (though we do that while undercover) LOL. This sequence will get your legs and hips open and flexy bendy and will make you feel so happy you will want to hug a tree! :)

  • Go with the flow

    Start with something familiar, and then a sudden shift happens, and the practice begins to open the hips in a gradual and resounding way. Feel the stream of practice circulate through the entire body.

  • Bending the calm

    Openness comes from calmness. When the body is strong can we open it and when the mind is calm we can bend it.

  • LFY - LIVE! Strength Builder

    This practice allows you to build a strong foundation for the body to limber up. Join Theresa, Calvin and Indra on the journey of strength and calmness.

  • Breathe in the Love

    breathe in and breathe out. Wring out tension and replace it with something good, the feeling of floating and freedom.

  • Liquid Fire Yoga Live - Breathe deep

    An all around good practice to breathe with.

  • Liquid Fire Yoga - Open your hips

    Enjoy opening your hips and breathing slow to this awesome practice.

  • Liquid Fire Yoga - Summer of Love

    What a great way to celebrate a studio that has served love and good yoga for 2 decades. Join us for a delightful practice that is the signature of pure CPY love!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga LIVE! Warm Vibes

    A flowing and rhythmic practice you expect of your serious but lighthearted yoga teachers. Enjoy this fun loving uncut practice!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga LIVE! Yoga Love

    Liquid Fire Yoga ® live classes are uncut videos of the practices that actually happened in real-time. As always - serious teachers with a lighthearted approach!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga Live - Spring Edition

    Breathe and enjoy the moments of practice with T&C!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga - Live! Featuring Indra

    A fun and lighthearted yoga experience with your fave teacher T&C!

  • Liquid Series

    Find inner paradise as you bend and move to the expressions of sun salutations and gentle flowing movements inspired by the land and sea. Filmed onsite on Catanduanes Island in the Philippines. This island is known as "happy island".

  • Liquid Fire Yoga LIVE! The Birthday Sequence

    This hip-opening practice will brighten your mind and body! It was filmed live. This is the unedited, uncut version of our yoga practice. So you have dogs barking and lots of laughter and all the wonderful imperfect things that make the present moment absolutely delish!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga - The Practice, 20 minutes

    Stress-free yoga class with Theresa & Calvin. Enjoy the practice of Liquid Fire Yoga from anywhere in the world!

  • Liquid Fire Yoga Live - A rainy day practice

    The nature of yoga meets in a rhythm of steady breathing, peace and little raindrops from Indra. (her name means droplets of rain and when it rains we say - it's raining Indras!)